Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're Quilting at School!!!

so here are some pictures of my sample quilt that i finally finished. it looks crazy and crappy because it's just a sample of what i need to do on my final quilting project.

also, sorry it's been so long again - i promise i will try to try this time.... I SWEAR!

this is what it started out as...



also, a picture of my adorable sleepy ratty's pink nose from the hammock i made him out of an old t-shirt

much love.


Anonymous said...

Laura!!!!!!!!! What an absolutely beautiful, amazing quilt! What a piece of artwork. More please!

What else is going on in Oregon/school??? Please let us know the happenings...your rat is adorable.... Miss you, keep safe, Lisa

Becky said...

OMG! It's fucking awesome. You stinker going months without posting and then BAM!

How are things going there with you? It's rape city as usual here.

Laura said...

you guys are wonderful. oregon and school is FANTASTIC. i am actually starting to miss rape city...

NtnKtn Nancie said...