Sunday, June 7, 2009

alright alright!

so, an update of sorts. i'll be coming home in less than three days now which means i'll get to see your pretty faces on the eleventh of june (at knit night!)

i couldn't be more excited for this because it's time well spent with you guys and my family.

due to the move, i feel like it's been even longer than normal since i've last seen all of you - even though it's been since just january.

here is an AMAZING project tutorial for an umbrella swift i found whilst surfing the net...


just finished revolutionary road, clearly another winslet gem.
i love her so much... i loved this movie. if you're into the whole period piece/people dealing with mundanity/psychological studies/social commentary on the classic housewife notion of the 1950's/60's... then i highly recommend it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

good lord

Listening to:
"Know How (feat. Feist)" - Kings of Convenience

I know it's been a long time and that is completely unwarranted. i'm really sorry, it's just a lot has happened this year!!!

in february of 2009, i moved in with two of my best friends here in oregon because another friend of ours had moved back to his parent's house in Olympia, Washington.

These are my roommates, Katie is the curly sue and Becca is the blonde... You will hear much more about them soon I'm sure.

and this is their cat Mr. Henry Higgins. It's mainly THEIR cat, because I'm not such a big cat person. although, he has grown on me since they left for their summer breaks. You see, we've staggered them so we could all take care of the animals for each other while everyone was gone. There's 2 hamsters, 2 rats, and a cat. it's a silly life here.

We call our place the compound because we have about an acre of land and are surrounded by trees and an organic garden. There will be more pictures later, i promise you that.

speaking of, I'll be coming home on June 10th! I'm pretty psyched on it.. I'm very VERY ready to be home.

i know this post was lacking, but expect more my lovelies!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

jury duty is satan's asshole; and its people, the dingleberries

this world they call jury duty is something so criminally perverted, it should be on trial itself.
having never done jury duty, i thought the rumors were lies. i was incredibly mistaken, naive even.

so, i'm stuck here! which means i'm going to post some stuff about life, and stuff. mostly work i've done in the past that i haven't shown you guys yet.
also, i've been real obsessed with quilting. like... REALLY obsessed.

yay i luh yuh!

there was an overwhelming amount of snow this year, which was AMAZING.
this is my apartment complex!

tromping tromping tromping!

this is the crazy snow drift on my doorstep!

outside view

deadly snowy stairs

my apron i wore when i cooked thanksgiving dinner for me school family.

my new fantastic sewing machine! (actually, it's kinda weird - if i don't use it everyday, i miss it ever so)

my very first art quilt! it was a lot of tears and pain...

a close up on the face!
(you can click any of these photos to get the full view)

i'm going to post another one soon about the process and making of it!

much love,
miss laura lew

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Writing Patterns

i'll have you know that i am actually in the midst of writing the pattern for those entrelac gloves i made during the summer that seems so long ago now i can hardly believe it's only october.

i've currently got another pair on the sticks and am taking notes down feverishly whilst i knit them up.

i've already come up with a name that, when i first thought of it, caused me to be so excited i almost peed my pants! i will leave it at that.

it will also interest you to know that as i'm writing this entry i am very pleased with the notion of having a laptop. especially, because, i am currently sitting on the toilet.

much love.

p.s. i got an A- on my paper regarding the ancient andean natural dye techniques of the indigenous tribes of south america... check it out here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


you know, perhaps it's my extreme attention to detail... but my biggest pet peeve is when someone fucks up big time on a movie.

i mean, i love a good cheesy effect as well as anyone - but when someone REALLY fucks up in a movie, it just really bugs me. the best part is up until now, generally, mistakes were made in movies all the time and nobody cared or paid enough attention to notice.

and what i like most about our society now is the fact that a lot of movies are actually combed over by many a geek/fact checker. i want this job!

the example that brought this subject to my attention is the fake hatchet movie "a cry in the wild". yes, it's a 90's movie... in fact, it was made in 1990. however, when a mistake like the main character saying his name wrong is made... it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

one of my all time favorites is:

at the end scene where everyone rushes the gym, some guy is actually REVEALING HIMSELF at the upper part of the screen. either that or he's adjusting himself... you decide america... that's FULL dick & balls, or is it?

shocking? not enough for them to fix it apparently.

i know, i'm ranting about absolutely nothing in particular. but i thought i really needed to relax and vociferate on something stupid.

i leave you with two of my favorite recuts, they're old news - but maybe you haven't had the chance to check them out:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i never promised you an unprejudiced yarn garden

I'd just like to apologize to you all for my lack of updating! So much has happened it's ridiculous!

so, perhaps in the coming days - i will update you on the big stuff, then once osmosis is regained, we can continue with the updating on my actual life.

okay, so i WAS working at that yarn garden place for a while... until, about a month into it i got completely SICK of the fucking racism!

now, we're not talking cross burning white bed-sheet garbed klan members... but something almost in the same wake of.

comments like, "oh, you're laura anne? that's not a very oriental name"

or, "so... what kind of asian ARE you? japanese? chinese?"

or, "hey, you probably know where i can find some really good ______ (insert random oriental food type)"

or my personal favorite, "oh, you're laura anne? we talked on the phone earlier... you don't SOUND oriental" -- WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?

at first, i will admit - i found it pretty hilarious that something so ridiculous could happen to me. But is it ridiculous? I started to realize that these old ladies came from such a different era... an era where they lived in FEAR of us slanty-eyed yellow folk. I understand the shell-shocked fathers, grandfathers, and uncles washing the brains and inciting prejudice and chauvinism into their young families. A society sopping with xenophobia and panic over us small-framed, superior minded idealists.

It takes a lot of guts for those old ladies to approach me and talk to me about a subject that clearly interests me in their minds, i'm sure. But after a good amount of time explaining my heritage (which, by the way, has nothing to do with their actual YARN purchase), explaining the reason why my eyes look like this, or why my skin is this jaundice resembling tone, why i am knowledgeable on all the local asian food fare... because clearly, i should, right? after all of the questions that i started to notice were exclusively being directed at me... i decided to take my leave. old ladies pestering me on my life and how beautiful my people are as a whole, really started to bother me... as complimenting as it might seem, and as ironic as it might seem. i was made to feel uncomfortable, NO THANKS LADIES!

and so now, after my rant, i am a free woman! i am free to be shackled to the studio as long as i please. i am free to rip my hair out at every fucked up seam allowance and every misplaced pin.

free at last, free at last, oh lord, free at last.

more to follow in the coming days. i will make a point to post weekly, if not daily.

SOPHIA COME BACK TO MEEEEEEE (through blog form)
also, who saw burn after reading? i know i did.... it was fukcing FANGTASTIC!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're Quilting at School!!!

so here are some pictures of my sample quilt that i finally finished. it looks crazy and crappy because it's just a sample of what i need to do on my final quilting project.

also, sorry it's been so long again - i promise i will try to try this time.... I SWEAR!

this is what it started out as...



also, a picture of my adorable sleepy ratty's pink nose from the hammock i made him out of an old t-shirt

much love.