Thursday, January 15, 2009

jury duty is satan's asshole; and its people, the dingleberries

this world they call jury duty is something so criminally perverted, it should be on trial itself.
having never done jury duty, i thought the rumors were lies. i was incredibly mistaken, naive even.

so, i'm stuck here! which means i'm going to post some stuff about life, and stuff. mostly work i've done in the past that i haven't shown you guys yet.
also, i've been real obsessed with quilting. like... REALLY obsessed.

yay i luh yuh!

there was an overwhelming amount of snow this year, which was AMAZING.
this is my apartment complex!

tromping tromping tromping!

this is the crazy snow drift on my doorstep!

outside view

deadly snowy stairs

my apron i wore when i cooked thanksgiving dinner for me school family.

my new fantastic sewing machine! (actually, it's kinda weird - if i don't use it everyday, i miss it ever so)

my very first art quilt! it was a lot of tears and pain...

a close up on the face!
(you can click any of these photos to get the full view)

i'm going to post another one soon about the process and making of it!

much love,
miss laura lew


Preita said...

That quilt is the most fucking awesome thing I've ever seen. Is there actual text in the bubble?

As always, you rock it, hard core ;)

Laura said...

Haha yes! There is! And thank you! It says, "god! if I have to die, you will have to die!"

Anonymous said...

Laaaaaaauuuura! Those are some scary snow covered stairs. "Deadly", no kidding. Be careful! You look so adorable in your snow gear.

Your quilt is incredible. I can't wait to see more of these artworks. Your machine looks so cool. Lot's of 'bells and whistles', I see....Keep it going. Miss you! Lisa

Becky said...

Laura Ann! That is an awesome quilt. Love the hand coming down from the sky. So what stupidity were you subjected to at jury duty?